Neto Wins Wilmington Gran Prix 3/4 Race in Full Fashion

25 05 2010

Bruno Neto, who has been knocking on the door of a ‘W’ all year, finally broke through with that elusive win at the Wilmington Gran Prix 3/4 race held in Wilmington, Delaware on May 21st.

On the heels of his 2nd place finish at last week’s Leonardtown Criterium, Neto was full of confidence going against a strong Mid-Atlantic field, many of whom got shredded off the back as the pace quickened each lap.

Bruno played it smart by staying up front out of trouble. He waited for the perfect time to make his move as he was the only Bike Doctor representing this criterium. Late in the race, Neto saw the win slipping through his fingers as a break of two was up the road. He bridged up to the break, worked with them a bit, and went right on through to take a decisive victory.

We aren’t sure if Bruno touched up his mullet for the podium shot but we are looking for ‘product’ sponsors. He’s the only guy that wears two helmets during a race.




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