Neto Leads Cat 3 BAR, Crystal Cup Race Report

15 06 2010

Congrats to Bruno Neto for taking the overall lead of the Best Area Rider within MABRA in the Cat 3s. Bruno still needs a couple points for an upgrade so look for him to gain some valuable BAR points before upgrading.

This past weekend, Team Bike Doctor sent 6 members to the Crystal Cup in Crystal City, Virginia. The course featured 8 turns and two straightaways on a bumpy course in an urban setting. Iit was also 95 degrees. In addition, the race was part of the NRC series so there was all the pageantry that goes along with big time professional bike races. The team tried to avoid all the attractions and focused on the bike race.

Most of the team was able to stage up front prior to the race and get a good start. The goal of the day was to get to the front, stay there, and attack when appropriate…which to many of us is all the time. Team Bike Doctor again was in several moves throughout the day, most notably Ian Morrison in a good group of about 5.  Sunny Gill was particularly animated throughout the day attacking and counterattacking several times. With 2 laps to go, he and Robb Hampton slid off the front but got caught with one to go.  It did managed to push the pace and bring back a lingering break up the road, however. Field sprint time. Sunny and Robb both were able to claw back up towards the front quickly on the final lap. However, a crash cut the field in half leaving Robb, Sunny, and Steve Fife licking wounds while Ian and Todd Bickling were off on their own. Ian did what he could to give “The Bottle Rocket” a lead out for 8th place.

Not a great day for Team Bike Doctor but a fun race and a top 10 placing in a race where the field size was cut in half by attrition of the course or the heat. All the legs are firing and we are looking forward to a good trip to Washington County next weekend. If you see us, give us a shout.




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