Ride Sally Ride – Late Report

15 06 2010

Team Bike Doctor members lined up at Ride Sally Ride in the Masters 35 and 3/4 races on June 6th in Chantilly, Virginia. In the Masters 35 race, Scott Gearhart jumped into the early break and set up the three other Bike Doctor riders perfectly as the break came back.

Later in the race, another break got up the road with representation from most teams, except Bike Doctor. Robb Hampton set a high pace to launch flat crit specialist Ian Morrison to go across to the break.  Bike racing poetry. Morrison did the rest of the work, bridged to the break, powered it, then attacked it with one lap to go. Unfortunately, Andreas Guziet of NCVC followed the move and beat Ian to the line. Final on the day was Ian, 2nd, Robb 13th, Brian S 14th.

Next up was the Men’s Cat 3 race. Several Bike Doctors were in moves all race long including a promising solo break by Todd Bickling, a pretty good looking group with Robb Hampton, and an off the front Cliff Chamberlain with 4 to go. However, the officials made the right call and called the race when a storm cell passed over the course that created 40+ mile an hour winds, downpour, tornadoes, and general apocalyptic conditions.  No chance to contest the sprint. We all would have won.

We did get some super sweet photos from Bruce Buckley though.

Robb Hampton trying to get away...from the dark clouds

Todd Bickling off the front

Steve Fife working the chase




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