Bike Doctor Big Boy Battles at Nation’s 2010

16 09 2010

Huge Transition Area

After a race season that was dedicated as rebuilding, Cliff returned to the Nation’s Triathlon this past weekend. Last year’s race was completed in the heat with no training or fitness so this year was supposed to be awesome.
He swam faster (2:31 faster), ran MUCH MUCH faster (15:53 faster), and was flying like a madman on the bike until…. PSSSSSSS. Flat front tire. At the point where he flatted, he had traveled 19.79 miles in 46 minutes and 14 seconds, posting an average speed of 25.5mph.

Check out the big ring

With his bike on his shoulder and a frown on his face, he was walking back to the transition area. Then he realized he could ride back with a flat front and still finish. So he took it easy and got ready to run. The flat course and cool temperatures were credited with the improved performance (oh yeah, and “the training effect”). Overall, he knocked over 9 minutes off of his previous time.

X marks the spot, rather the red pin marks the flat tire.

And before you give him a hard time about his cross-training with triathlons, there were several MABRA folks out there ripping it up.




One response

17 09 2010

Didn’t you buy those super expensive, flat resistant, low profile tires. What happened? Perhaps squirt some stan’s in your tires prophylactically next time. – Sunny

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