DCCX-Great Day of Cross, Frittes, and Beer

25 10 2010

Team Bike Doctor had another great weekend of racing at DCCX in Washington, DC, with racers representing in many categories. Tanner Brown did something unusual this weekend: he didn’t win! 3rd place on the day in the Junior 10-14 race, and some fuel for next weeks’ fire. In the Master’s 3/4, “Dr. B” Todd Bickling secured his rightful spot in the top 10 with another 7th. I mean seriously Todd, when are you going to stop goofing around and win one of these things? Geez! Over in the Mens 3/4 Sunny Gill and Steve Fife did their best to capitalize on their 2nd row call up. Sunny moved up through the field into 15th, while Fife went backwards from 4th on the first lap, to 20th at the finish. “Great course, just wasn’t my day” was the reason pulled from Fife’s deep bag of excuses. Finally, Evan Ellicott posted a top 20 in the Master’s 1/2/3 and also seemed to be suffering from Fife’s same excuse. 16th is nothing to be bummed about though, and true to Ellicott’s fashion, beers were in hand shortly after he finished. Post race chilling, frittes and beer were soaked up, as well as the great vibe that DCCX has to offer. Looking forward to next week’s All Hallow’s Cross, and making up for any excuses!




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