Smashed Pumpkins at All Hallows Cross

1 11 2010

Another great weekend of Cross racing for team Bike Doctor! Racing took place on Saturday at Oak Ridge Park in Hughesville, MD. The course was updated from last year’s non-MABRA event, and was an improvement with more twists and turns, as well as two challenging sand pits. In the Master’s 3/4 race, the Doctor was “IN.” Todd Bickling shot to the front like a bottle rocket, and was first through the sand pit with a clean set of wheels, while the rest of the field churned things up. After settling in with the top group of 10, Dr B. ran into some trouble with a couple of crashes, but still managed to finish in 8th. In the Men’s 3/4, Sunny Gill and Steve Fife clawed their way through the field and sand to post a 7th for Gill, and just missing the top 10 with an 11th for Fife. And the closest race of the day was the Master’s 1/2/3 with Evan Ellicott firing up his big diesel engine. From the gun, the Ellicott train left the station, and anyone wanting to win needed to get in line. Evan pulled a group of 10 around lap after lap and never came off the front for more than a few seconds. In the end, that’s what the race came down to: a few seconds. Entering the sand pit for the last time, Ellicott lead but was foiled by a lapped rider who managed to derail his train. Evan fumbled, and the two riders behind him capitalized on his mistake and took first and second, while Ellicott chased in 3rd. Beautiful weather, great venue, and some strong team results to get the weekend started. Tanner Brown report to follow soon.




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