Visions of Turkey

22 11 2010

Once again Team Bike Doctor toed the line for the Ho.Co. CX Double at Schooley Mill on Saturday, and Rockburn on Sunday this past weekend. Another dry weekend was on tap, resulting in some fast racing over both days.

With the cross season winding down, the team struggled a bit on Saturday as vision’s of Thanksgiving, and some much needed “rest” are on the horizon. Results are as follows: Todd Bickling-Masters 3/4: 19th, Steve Fife, Gary Bryant & Sunny Gill-Mens 3/4: 14th, 15th & 16th (well, at least we finished together!), Evan Ellicott-Masters 1/2/3: 13th, and the only bright spot was Tanner Brown-Junior 10-14: 1st.

Sunday at Rockburn seemed to go better as everyone but Tanner Brown improved on Saturday’s result. Todd Bickling-Masters 3/4: 6th. FINALLY! The Bottle Rocket breaks the 7th place curse. Gary Bryant-Mens 3/4: 7th. Evan Ellicott-Masters 1/2/3: 11th. Tanner Brown-Junior 10-14: 2nd.

Looks like we have one more chance to get it right at the MABRA finals in Tanneytown on Sunday, and then we can pig out and sleep in. That is of course, if the Turkey we eat on Thursday doesn’t slow us down.




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