Gearing up for the Road – training rides in local DC area

24 11 2010

The ending of cross season marks the beginning of winter training and long road rides as we get ready for next year’s race season.  This is one of my favorite time of the year mainly because I get to ride my bike without much thought behind the tactics, interval training, and power meter data. I always enjoyed “base miles” because they truly establish a foundation for your race season. If you could incur bad weather,  countless feet of climbing, and numerous bonks during 80 miles days, most road races in the season feel like a breeze. 

I hope that you guys are equally excited about the upcoming race season and gearing up for the road both in training and equipment.  There are several training rides in the area that combine both climbing and distance to mimic long road races.   For those of us living in DC metro area – there is 7 am SAT ride  (starting at Beach drive in Rock creek park) that takes through NW part of the city with a fast interval on Clara Bartin Pkw, followed by some steep hills.  There is also a 9:30 am ride from the same location that goes out to Seneca dr. towards River rd. – this is much more mild pace with lots of rolling hills.  I usually try to double up on these ride during the early part of the season.  On Sunday’s – there is a 8:30 that starts from Bicycle Palace near Beach drive, the ride goes down Goldsbrough rd and once again into Clara Bartin for some major time trialing.  I am also looking forward to the sunday team ride that starts near Cabin John Parkway (never attended before).

I hope some of this would serve as motivation to get out and get some base miles in prior to beginning of the next race season. Please feel free to post any other recommendations or  your favorite rides in the area, and I will make a sincere effort to join you during winter training.





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27 11 2010

there can be only one

a true test. if you find yourself finishing this ride with the lead group, you can be sure youre going good.

5 12 2010

Yeah!! I rode the 10 am ride as well on the 27th and I was quickly reminded of the talent that lies in this area. I hung on to the lead group chasing chuck hutch until Seneca! Speaking of talent, it’s always impressive to see dudes like chuck hammering away at 10 am rides after finishing the 7 am.

27 11 2010

today was a great example of why the 10am is the hardest group ride in the area. both haymarket and harley were in attendance plus a bunch of other cat 1’s and 2’s. if you really want to test yourself definitely dont miss it next week.

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