9 05 2011

Here at Bike Doctor racing, we follow the Charlie Sheen way of life. We like “winning”, as evidenced by this past weekend.

Saturday- Fort Ritchie Masters ¾. Brian Rist was 1st, and Brian Sjoberg was 3rd from a four man break that began about 4 laps into the race. Todd Bickling, Robb Hampton , and Steve Fife patrolled the front,  isolated, and shut down all of the attacks throughout the race. The gap hovered at about 20-30 seconds, and they stayed away until the end. Todd was 5th, Robb was 6th, and Fife was 7th taking 1, 2, 3 in the field sprint.

Fort Ritchie ¾. Brian Rist 8th, Todd Bickling 10th, Sunny Gill 13th, and Robb Hampton  was 16th. Tony Abate from District Velocity, and Jose Nunez from Haymarket would not be denied a result on this day, but the Bike Doctor boys put up a good fight.

Deep Blue TT. Pete Warner was 2nd in the 35+ with the 5th fastest time of the day overall. Jim Weinstein was 4th in the 35+ after spending several weeks in a cast. Tanner Brown won his first TT ever in the Junior 13-15 age group, and he managed to ride fast with an average speed of 21.9 mph.

Sunday- Jefferson Cup RR. Sunny Gill won the ¾ race, all alone, with no teammates. Sunny conserved his efforts and played off all of the other teams for a real cagey ride in what we all know is a tough course. Hats off to Sunny for doing his homework at Sea Otter, and Tour De Ephrata, setting him up for this great win!

In the Masters race, Pete Warner was 4th out of a four man break that formed on the last lap. Brian Rist and Scott Giles softened up the opposition with several hard pulls on “the“ hill each lap, and once Warner got away on the last lap, patrolled the front and kept things in check.

Charlie Sheen would be proud. Leonardtown, here we come…..




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