Rist Goes Two for Two at Leonardtown!

16 05 2011

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The Bike Doctor Racing Team descended upon the quaint little town of Leonardtown, MD,  and left town with a handful of scalps. Quick history lesson: Team Bike Doctor went 1, 2 in last year’s Leonardtown ¾ race, and we have a reputation to keep up.

To start things off right, in the Master’s 1/2/3 race, Brian Rist and Scott Giles put in some serious attacks on the field until they finally got off with 11 laps to go. The rest of the team kept things in check while Brian and Scott put the hammer down. The tag team duo crossed the line ahead of the pack with Brian edging out Scott on the line. Reputation upheld.

Next up was the ¾ race, and there was a MABRA criterium championship jersey on the line. Everyone on the team did a great job covering moves, and after 2 stops of the race due to the local fire station on the course, a solo DC Velo rider was given his established 15 second break with 11 laps left to complete. Brian Rist was able to muster some more power from the engine room,and bridged to the lone DC Velo rider with 4 laps to go. From there, the rest of the team did their best to cover things, and move to the front in case it came back together. Unbelievably, Brian took the win, and the jersey! A total team effort.

We’d like to think that on any weekend, any one of us could win a race. But what Brian was able to do was, simply put, “special”. Congrats man, we are in awe.

35+ 1/2/3 Finish

Leonardtown 35+ 1/2/3 Finish from Peter Warner on Vimeo.




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17 05 2011

Time to be forced to upgrade to CAT2, just like Jose Nunez.

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