Tour of Somerville, NJ Recap

30 05 2011

Here’s a quick recap from Tour of Somerville NJ:

The race was a 4-day crit series around suburban New Jersey neighborhoods. It is the oldest bike race in United States, and there is a large following among local who line the streets in anticipation of watching some fast cycling action.

Keeping out of the warm jersey sun

Tour of Somerville, NJ race 1 (Crit)

Sunny Gill lined up at 5 pm in hot 85 degrees as the lone Bike Doctor rider. This race was a sprinter’s dream, flat and fast. Sunny’s strategy going in was to get in a break and try to stay away. Because every other rider in the field looked like Rashan Bahati (big and fast in last 30 meters).

Make room for Bike Doctor at the start line

Sunny went with from the gun with only intention of getting his legs warmed up. Soon he was joined by 1 other rider. The gap grew to a 20 sec lead, and then 6 other guys jumped up to the leading duo. They all started hammering the front. The group of six survived, and half way into the race they lapped the entire field!! Sunny was super excited, this was his first time LAPPING the field, not to mention going from the gun. All he had to do was sit in follow wheels. But the sprint was super dirty and many who were lapped were now trying to sprint with us! It was madness. So he decided to play it conservatively and keep himself upright for next 2 days.

Overall 5 th place, 40$, and felt happy about destroying half of the field. Check out the DNFs!

Results - Crushing the field!!

Day 2

Another day of flat and fast Crit racing. They lined up 9 am, already 75-80 degrees and heating up quickly.  Sunny tried to keep cool with ice in his pockets and spraying water over my helmet.

He wasn’t planning much today, just sit in and get to the finish in top 10 spots. But the day ended short for him when he got caught in a crash half way in to the race.  He wasn’t sure how the crash happened, but all he heard was “pow pow”, clearly someone’s tire rolled off. He saw 3 guys on the ground, and he was headed straight into them. Until a quick break, and changed his line at the last minute. He thinks his rear wheel actually rolled over someone’s bike.  Fortunately, he did not go down. But as he was powering to get back to speed back up, he ripped his rear derailleur hangar clean of his bike.  It was a sad walk back to the start line, but he and Stephanie made the best of the day and went out to test drive a Mini Clubman S!! What a sweet car!! I may roll up in one next week.

Broken bike - Can't wait for the CAAD10's

Day 3.

After visiting 3 bike shops, Sunny was unable to find a derailleur hanger that fit his bike. So, he threw in the towel, and decided to visit a friend in Philly for beers and famous Philly cheesestakes.  Yumm.. My caloric intake was certainly on the up and up this weekend.




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