Sjoberg Guts out 8th Place in non-Climber’s Nightmare Race (Tour of Mt Nebo Race Report)

12 06 2011

Brian Sjoberg from Bike Doctor decided to give his new Cannondale Supersix a try on the climber’s dream course of Tour of Mt Nebo organized by Road Cycling League. This was a category 3/4 race with 55 riders entered. It was a sunny day with temps in the high 80’s. The race director made a late announcement that the course actually had 1000 feet of climbing per lap versus the previous estimate of 600 feet. It was a 5 lap race totaling 45 miles. There were two significant climbs on this course with lots of other shorter climbs.

After the 3rd lap the pack had wittled down to about 20 riders. There weren’t any major attacks just a constant tempo that was wearing the field down. Halfway through the 4th lap, the field was bombing down a descent and someone in the middle of the pack endoed for some unexplained reason. Sjoberg had to slam on the brakes to avoid crashing into the poor guy that was in the process of using is hind end to erase the white lines in the road. Brian said later that all he saw was a bike go flying up, the guys feet were twice as high in the air as the riders. Then as he passed the guy he was sliding on his rear, using a combination of his gloves and skin to stop him.

Sobe's Cannondale SuperSix

Brian had to play catch up for a mile or so, he rejoined just in time to hit the major climb on the back side of the course. He stayed in contact about midway up the climb but then slowly lost contact. He joined a couple of guys behind him and they were able to work their way back into the shrinking peleton.

The last lap was pretty mild until about 1k to go. One guy attacked and was joined by a few others. Brian was caught a little too far back and wasn’t able to join the front group. As the climb started with 500 meters to go, Sjoberg dug deep and started working his way through some riders and then snuck past one more rider with 20 meters to go to claim 8th place on the day and just made the money.




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