Clarendon Cup Masters Race rumble

13 06 2011

Clarendon Cup

On Saturday, Pete Warner & Scott Giles made it out for the Clarendon Cup Masters Criterium race.   Clarendon is definitely a Queen on the yearly criterium calendar.  It’s a picturesque city center criterium encompassing all of the tangible qualities found at a top level criterium.  Without a doubt, there was some serious horsepower and teams seeking to take home top honors.  The stage was set for some dramatic, tactical racing on the day.

Although a podium spot proved elusive for Giles (6th) and Warner (9th), they both enjoyed the race immensely and were pleased to be mixing it up at the front end of the race with some extremely talented riders.

Giles did win a prime, which was a sweet new Giro Aeon Helmet compliments of a great sponsor for the race, Revolution Cycles. Thank you as well to the Promoter, Arlington Sports, Inc, for putting on a great show throughout the day!

Hey, who needs a race report when there is video!




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