Crystal Cup Crash Contest

13 06 2011

Sunny Gill chasing down a move. Photo Credit (Daniel Meaurio)

Sunday the Bike Doctor boys clipped into their pedals for the last race of the day at the Air Force Classic Crystal Cup 3/4 race. With a 15 deep payout of $1000, and $500 of merchandise premes on the line, the plan was to race aggressive. Lining up was Todd Bickling, Robb Hampton, Brian Rist, Steve Fife, Brian Sjoberg, Mike Schneider and Sunny Gill.

A few team members had raced here last year, and knew that this course was prone to a lot of crashes. Well, once again the course claimed several victims of misfortune, and there were as many as 7 separate incidents, with the first one on lap 3 neutralizing the race at the start/finish line. A few Bike Doctors got tied up behind, but made it back to the start line while the Medics tended to the wounded.

Rist putting the hurt down. Photo Credit (Daniel Meaurio)

Once things got under way again, the plan was to attack and counter attack each other to make the race. Brian Rist was on the attack when the first preme was announced and was  caught by the pack just after the second corner, and his move was immediately countered by the other Brian (Sjoberg) for a solo flyer win of the teams first preme. The second preme was also based off a counterattack of Sunny Gill’s move. With 300 meters to go to the line, Steve Fife wound up a fierce attack and jumped right as Sunny was caught and crossed the line with a nice gap.

2 to go, Controlling the front. Photo Credit (Daniel Meaurio)

The rest of the race was full of small attacks and crashes as the laps ticked down. With 4 to go, Brian Rist launched a promising move and joined a lone HPC List rider. With Brian’s pistons pumping and the team swarming to the front to block, his lead grew. However with 2 to go, a DC Velo rider charged off the front and soon joined the leading duo. The HPC List rider was able to claim the victory from the fast charging field. The rest of the guys tried to pick up some scraps in the chaotic field sprint, and Sjoberg managed to snag 6th, Rist held on to 11th, Gill grabbed 13thand the rest of the guys rolled in with the pack.

This was by far one of the sketchiest races in a long time, and the large victory of the day was that we all made it out of there in one piece. 2 out of 3 premes, and three riders in the money doesn’t hurt either.

Next up, Washington County Friday night crit and stage race.




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