Shampawnia Poppin at Tour of Washington County Kick Off Crit

20 06 2011

Shampawnia was poppin'

In the words of Christopher Walken on SNL, “Wow! Wowie-wow-wow-wow!”. The Bike Doctor team popped Shampawnia after winning the inaugural category 3/4 Tour of Washington County kick off criterium put on by AVC Racing Club and sponsored by State Farm Insurance. The 3/4 field had 70+ riders eager to get their cut of the $1000 purse. The course was four corners with a small chicane and slight uphill on the backside and it was held in downtown Hagerstown. As the riders warmed up you could feel the energy in the air as a live band was playing near the start/finish area and people were enjoying fine food and beverages from the outside restaurants/bars.

The team was represented by Todd Bickling, Steve Fife, Robb Hampton and Brian Sjoberg. The gun went off and the team wasted no time in starting their aggression. Todd Bickling showed off his Cyclocross skills and jumped off the line with a gap. He continued to ride off the front for a few laps and just as he was being brought back 3 laps into the race, Sjoberg shot down the right hand side and opened up a nice gap coming through the start/finish stretch. He was joined by two other riders and they started to grow their lead as the team began policing the front of the pack and slowing things down wherever possible.

Post race interview with Joe Jefferson, Photo Credit: Michael Scotto

The front group did some reshuffling when 1 rider dropped off and a couple laps later a solo rider (Ben Frederick) bridged. The gap hovered around 15 seconds but midway through the race the trio continued and the spirit of the pack broke. With 6 laps to go the breakaway was close to lapping the field but decided to ease off the pace and keep chaos at a minimum.

The game of cat and mouse started with 2 laps to go when one rider (Michael Egan) tried to take a flyer but was reeled in by Ben while Sjoberg was glued to his wheel. With 1 to go, Ben lifted the pace up the backside hill and continued around the 2nd corner. As he swung left Sjoberg attacked down the right hand side and went screaming into the 3rd corner. Brian continued stomping on the pedals and came out of the final corner with a 5 bike length lead. That gap was never closed and Sjoberg threw his hands up in victory for another Bike Doctor win!!

Todd Bickling was able to grab some more of the purse by finishing in 12th.




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