Epic Racing Weekend at ToWC Stage Race

25 06 2011

First and foremost, Bike Doctor wants to give a big shout out to the folks at Antietam Velo Club Racing for putting on an amazing race throughout the Washington County area this weekend. From the excitement provided by Joe Jefferson’s commentary to the well oil machine of Randall Buxbaum’s crew to the professional service from Mark Monnett’s SRAM/Zipp team and the tight ship run by the officials. All of it was excellent and made for a great weekend of racing.

For details on the 1/2/3 stage race go to Pete Warner’s blog post.

The team was ready to rock and roll on the stage race after winning the category 3 kick off crit.

Things started off with the prologue Saturday morning. It was a hilly 4.5 mile prologue. The two GC riders for the category 3 race was Brian Rist and Brian Sjoberg, they finished 7th and 24th, respectively. Weren’t the results they were expecting but were only 32 and 44 seconds down. Fife and Bickling took things easy to save themselves to support in the road race.

The AVC crew were very fast posting results online, usually within a couple of hours after each race was completed.

Sunny Gill during Road Race, Photo Credit: Jim Wilson

Road race went fairly well. Rist was able to grab 7th. Sjoberg missed an opportunity to jump in front of Rist to set up the lead out and tried to grab him with 400 meters to go but it was unsuccessful. The one thing the guys said about the road race was that the decision for no feeding was a little extreme for a 1.5-2 hour race in 90 degree weather.

Time trial was death to both Brian’s. They both lost considerable time but Rist was sitting in 12th overall and could jump a few positions with a good criterium race. Bickling and Fife again rode the time trial at a moderate pace to keep some freshness in their legs.

Sprint Finish, Sjoberg 1st, Bickling 2nd, Photo Credit: Team Traveler

Criterium was fast and faced constant attacking. Rist and Sjoberg were countering each other well. Bickling and Fife were sitting back for the finish and waiting in the wings to pull back anything significant. With 3 to go, Todd moved up and signaled to Sjoberg to grab his wheel. They hooked up and moved up into great position with 1 lap to go. Out of the last corner Todd was sitting 5th and Sjoberg was 6th. Todd shot out of the corner with a ton of speed. Brian came around with 150 meters to go and looked around and saw that Todd and he would finish 1st and 2nd and the excitement started. What a great way to end the weekend of racing with a 1, 2 finish!!

Brian Rist was able to secure some intermediate time bonus premes and moved up to 10th overall. Great teamwork guys, now go work on your time trialing!




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