Reston Town Center GP Report

19 07 2011

Reston Town Center Gran Prix sponsored by RGS Title, Evolution Cycling and The Bike Lane is one of the premiere criterium events on the MABRA calendar every year. Crowds are always abundant and the course is fast and fun. It was a gorgeous summer day and the Bike Doctor team was sprinkled all over the racing action.

For the 35+ 3/4: Mike Schneider, Todd Bickling and Steve Fife had a plan to execute a lead out on the final lap from 2 turns out to try and jump everyone else before the final turn and go through in 1st and 2nd. However a monkey wrench was thrown into those plans when DC Velo sent all of their guys to the front on the last few laps and kept the pace high. Steve lost Todd and had to burn a few too many matches trying to get into position for the final turns and missed out on the top spots. Fife ended up 12th while Todd finished in the back of the pack.

For the category 3/4: Brian Sjoberg and Cliff Chamberlain were joining Fife and Bickling for this race. The plan was to be near the front but stay out of the wind. Then with a couple laps to go wind things up for a sprint finish. About midway through the race a preme was announced and Sjoberg decided to stick his neck out in the wind with 2 corners to go and grabbed the preme with minimal resistance from the peleton. He sat up immediately after, desiring drafter over draftee.

With 3 to go Sjoberg seized what appeared to be an opportunity to sneak off the front after the pack had been going pretty hard the last couple of laps and launched an attacked just before the finishing stretch. He was soon caught by two riders but they would eventually be brought back on the final lap. Sjoberg dug deep and managed to finish 7th.

Brian Sjoberg in 35+/45+ open race. Photo Credit - Brian Stefanish

For the 35+/45+ Open: The Brian’s were tackling this one (Rist and Sjoberg). The first half of the race was fast and the guys played it smart with Rist covering the majority of the early action. Sjoberg decided to take a flyer with 10 to go and was able to establish a good gap and then was joined by another rider (Roger Friend) shortly. The two worked good together and managed to grow their lead to 20 seconds with 7 to go. As they were beginning to fade, a group of 3 guys (Chip Hoover, Blair Sauders, Mike Bradbury) bridged and this was just the firepower that was needed to keep the break alive.

Nima Ebashimneird bridged solo a lap later to make a leading group of 6. Chip Hoover ended up taking the victory and Brian Sjoberg came in 3rd overall and 2nd in the 35+ category.

Pete Warner in Cat 1,2,3 Race. Photo Credit - Brian Stefanish

For the Category 1,2,3: Pete Warner and Sunny Gill were representing Bike Doctor in this race. In short, Bike Doctor missed THE move.  Sunny and Pete tried in vain to help bring it back to no avail. They were left going for scraps for much of the race. You can count on a few category 3’s joining you soon, once they upgrade.

Good effort by everyone!




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