Shenandoah Time Trial Delivers!

1 08 2011

On Saturday, Warner, Sobe and The Wrobb packed up the TT bikes and headed out west to represent Bike Doctor for the inaugural 40k Shenandoah Time Trial promoted by Page Valley Cycling Productions and Whole Wheel Velo Club. Jim “I ride across America” Weinstein also felt the irresistible calling and drove down from Frederick.  Chris “Promoter Extraordinaire” Gould hosted quite the event that didn’t disappoint!  As with all Gould events, the organization was impeccable. The course was well marked with boatloads of volunteers and extremely challenging! This guy puts in a ton of time for us to race and we are forever grateful.

Although the mapmyride course preview looked a bit ominous, nobody was 100% confident just how to tackle this monster.  It was gonna hurt no matter how you sliced it.

Sjoberg negotiating a corner.

Sobe & Wrobb were the first to set out shortly after 10 a.m.  Sobe posted a great time to finish 2nd in the Cat 3 division at 59:42, just 32 seconds back on his GamJams Cup rival Dan Netzer.  Sobe & Netzer are slugging it out for the top step for the GamJams Cup.  They are now tied on points but Netzer will wear the jersey since he had the best result in the latest event. Although The Wrobb posted on Facebook, “I will get better at time trialing I will get better at time trialing I will get better at time trialing”, he may have distracted himself a bit when he started envisioning his gainer attempt to follow later in the day at the pool.  Confirmation did follow that one of Wrobb’s goals for the day was met!  A legend is born with the elementary kids at the pool!

Shenandoah TT 35+ Podium

Warner & Weinstein teed off a bit after 11 a.m. with the 35+ crowd.  In what can only be described as the most painful fun in memory, both Warner & Weinstein were happy to survive without their heads exploding from the heat.  Warner grabbed the last step on the podium with a 59:27 and Weinstein finished a respectable 6th. Here are the full results from USACycling.

The drive home was made even more spectacular with a big plate of bbq from a family road side stand!  Those Shenandoah’ens cook some mean bbq!

Next up,  Tour of Page Valley!!!  Get there!




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2 08 2011
Christopher Gould

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the Shenandoah Time Trial is co-promoted by Page Valley Cycling and Whole Wheel Velo – couldn’t do it without either of these fine clubs!

2 08 2011

Our apologies, the post has been updated.

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