Picturesque Page County Cycling Action

9 08 2011

On the calendar this weekend for the Bike Doctor team was the Tour of Page County omnium race. As the race name implies this was set in the beautiful area of Page County, Virginia. Page Valley Cycling and Whole Wheel Velo Club co-promoted this race and it was very well run. Chris Gould certainly knows how to put on a race. This was an important set of races for the team because it was the MABRA senior road race championship as well as the last few races in GamJams Category 3 cup. The team was sitting in 3rd overall and Brian Sjoberg was tied for the lead.

The racing action started out with the Showdown at Shenandoah Speedway Friday afternoon. For a select group that made it out to this event it was a great change of pace and allowed the riders to get a taste of track style racing. Brian “Sobe” Sjoberg would be competing for Bike Doctor and trying to secure some overall omnium points and beer! The first event was a scratch race for the category 3/4 division. This is basically a criterium style race where the riders complete a number of laps and their order is determined by how they finish on the final lap. Brian ended up getting 4th in this first event.

Next was a points race. The riders would complete 16 laps and every other lap they would sprint for 3 places (3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd). Then the final lap would be worth double points. Sobe was able to find his sprinting groove and won most of the intermediate sprint points and then rode in solo at the finish to score maximum points. He won this event and secured 3 omnium points going into the road race on Saturday and some beer for the evenings carbo loading!

Last race was a miss and out where the categories were combined. Here the riders would do a number of laps (based on the number of riders) and each lap the last rider across the line would be pulled. This would continue until only 3 riders were left and then the riders would ride a neutral lap and then contest one more lap where the first person across the line won the race. Brian made it down to the final 3 riders. The other two riders were Harry Fang of NCVC and Pete “Two Turn Tables and a Microphone” Custer of North Tek-Aria. Pete Custer was leading into the first corner and just before the second corner he swung out a little and looked right and Brian attacked down the inside and had an instant gap that wouldn’t be closed. He went onto to win this event and secured another 6-pack of beer!

On Saturday was the Page Valley Road Race (Senior MABRA road race championship). Peter Warner and Scott Giles were entered in the category 1,2 race and the Brian’s (Rist and Sjoberg) were entered in the category 3 race. Scott Giles made the front group selection early in the race but eventually the heat and climbs took its tool and he came unhitched. Peter Warner ended up finishing 15th with Scott in 26th. Congratulations to Russ Langley from XO Communication/Battley Harley Davidson as the new MABRA senior road race champion!

Starting Line of Category 3 race

The category 3 race saw some early breakaway attempts but nothing really materialized. The last couple of times up the KOM and finishing climb saw Paul Rades pound out leg breaking paces that whittled the field down significantly. On the last lap an HPC List rider (Patrick McKeegan) rolled off the front and no one thought much of it until the moto said he had 45 seconds. It took a little while to get organized and it was too late by the time they did. They would be racing for 2nd. The pace up the final climb was blistering and Brian Sjoberg was able to finish 4th, one spot below Dan Netzer of Celerity Cycling. Great result however this put him 2 points behind Dan in the GamJams cup. Congratulations to the new MABRA senior 3 road champion, Patrick McKeegan!

Scott Giles hammering up the wall

Sunday was the Luray Criterium. This was set in the quaint downtown area of Luray and was an 8 corner course with a huge wall to climb to the finish line every lap. Scott Giles signed up for the category 1,2 suffer fest where they would end up doing 37 laps on this course. Ouch! A break of 3 Harley Davidson riders and Joe Dombroski established themselves and would stay away. Scott settled in for a long solo ride and was able to get 8th.

Tour of Page County Category 3 Omnium Podium

Brian Rist, Todd Bickling and Brian Sjoberg were ready to hit this course hard and try to regain the lead in the GamJams cat 3 cup. Early on the race was pretty animated, fueled by some aggressive racing by Brian Rist. About halfway through the race Tim Pope from Fat Frogs Racing was off the front and put the pack in the red as he was caught. Sobe counter attacked and established a nice gap immediately. One lap later Ben Frederick of Team Traveler bridged up and Brian knew this was the move. Brian had been racing with Ben recently and knew he was a motor and a great climber. Sure enough the two started working together and their lead only grew until the finish. Ben’s climbing pace was wearing Brian down and on the last lap Ben attacked and won. Brian hung on for 2nd. Dan Netzer would finish 3rd on the day and allowed Brian to retake the GamJams Cat 3 cup lead by a mere 1 point! Additionally Sobe ended up 2nd overall in the omnium!!

Additionally the team would like to thank its sponsors for their generous support, without whom we wouldn’t be able to promote and enjoy the sport that we love. Please check out their great products/services: Bike DoctorCannondale, Bell Helmets, Tifosi Optics.

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