Wet and Wild Winchester CX

3 10 2011

Tanner Browne-C Race Podium 2nd Place

The Bike Doctor crew came out for the second stop of the MABRA Cyclocross season at the Winchester CX race on Sunday. Several days of rain leading up to the event meant that the course was sure to be muddy, even though the promoters previewed the course and talked up the lack of mud, and how well the park drains. A couple hundred riders, and several laps later, and it was a slop fest!

The course presented many challenges over last year, mud included. Everyone was talking about the “Belgian Wall”, which was a cool feature, but didn’t totally crack you as you went over the top. The rest of the course was pretty fast with some good twists and turns, and the overall impression was that the course was greatly improved. The Winchester crew put on a good show, and we are grateful for this sweet venue!

Steve Fife-Masters B Barriers (Photo RJ Jenkins)

Tanner Browne got things going early with a 2nd place in the Men’s C, then quickly followed that up with a 3rd in the Jr. 15-18 race taking the series leader jersey. Masters 35+ & 45+ ¾ followed that, and Todd Bickling electronically shifted his way into his usual spot in 7th, while Steve Fife picked his way from 80th on the start grid to 12th (that’s 68 kills points for those counting). Bill Browne fought his way through the slop to finish 5th on the podium in the 45+ ¾. That’s like 3 for 3 for anyone on Bike Doctor with the last name Browne!

Evan Ellicott, and our two road studs Brian “shirtless” Sjoberg, and Pete Warner rocked out in the Masters 1/2/3. Sjoberg and Warner both had fun playing in the mud, and are starting to get a “taste” for what all this craziness is about (Warner ate some mud). Evan is the king of last minute repairs, and was seen in the parking lot prior to the race rigging his front brakes so they didn’t work. Waiting to hear back from the boys as far as results, but fun was had by all.

Finally, Sunny Gill lined up with the big dogs in the 1/2/3 race. Here’s a write up in his own words:

Sunny Gill-A Race "Belgian Wall" Run Up

Racing As has been an interesting experience for me! For starters, the races are a lap or two longer than last year. And it’s usually the lap that counts, when I am fighting tooth and nail for 15th ish spot! The competition is also more intense as evident by guys trying to pass and re pass you on every corner even in your last lap! This weekend was similar; I had no time to rest as two other riders were hot on my wheels. We attacked each every chance we got, sending each other into tape or mud. The minute you let off the gas, you were loosing 2-3 spots. So you attack every time your opponent makes a mistake and hope you have cracked them. My results have been mixed so far, and at Apple Harvest I battled for top 15 but conceded to take 16th place.

Ok! So now we get to the job of cleaning off all that mud and preparing for next week. Hopefully, more podiums will follow.

Additionally the team would like to thank its sponsors for their generous support, without whom we wouldn’t be able to promote and enjoy the sport that we love. Please check out their great products/services: Bike Doctor, Cannondale, Bell Helmets, Tifosi Optics.




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