Bike Doctor’s Juniors Battle at Granogue

19 10 2011

This past Saturday Bike Doctor junior racer’s Tanner Browne and Emir Crnovic took to the battlefield at Granogue for the U19 race. For Emir, this was his foray into the cross scene, and he was amped to be out there with Tanner for the first time. Tanner just takes care of business in a smooth, calm like fashion as always. Great kids all around and super fun for the family to watch!

After starting 20 seconds behind two women’s fields, the juniors were off and rolling hard. Within the first lap, the leading juniors quickly intermingled with the women. Tanner displayed his strength and skills by slotting firmly into second. Emir followed close behind mixed in with a large pack of women.

Unfortunately for Emir, he suffered a mechanical halfway through the race when someone’s front wheel knocked his rear derailleur out of whack. Emir tried to soldier on, but he couldn’t recover from the damage done. Eh, welcome to Cyclocross, Emir! It happens to everyone at one point or another.

As the race progressed, Tanner flowed through the course like the veteran he is. Tanner stayed focused and kept the throttle wide open in pursuit of the lead rider. By the last lap, Tanner had a secure lead over third place but the lead rider wouldn’t be caught. Tanner cruised across the line for a well earned second place!

Emir & Tanner Pre-Race

Emir & Tanner Pre-Race


Prologue Start


Tanner making it look easy!


Emir holding his own out there!


Tanner crushing the run-up in pursuit

The team would like to thank its sponsors for their generous support, without whom we wouldn’t be able to promote and enjoy the sport that we love. Please check out their great products/services: Bike Doctor, Cannondale, Bell Helmets, Tifosi Optics.




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