Fatherhood, Team rides, Podiums & FUN!

14 11 2011

Wow, it was a busy weekend for the Team Bike Doctor crew. A good bunch made it out to Sjoberg’s place Saturday morning for a nice ride around the Crofton/Davidsonville area. It was followed up with some recovery beverages and grub at the homestead during a team meeting. How Sjoberg talked his wife into letting the team invade their home we’ll never know? Thanks Lyra!

On Sunday, it was back to racing at the Schooley Mill cross race. Fife and Bickling lined up for 35+ ¾ race at 10 a.m. The action heated up quick with both riders clawing to remain in contention for a win. Unfortunately for Fife, he went down hard on his surgically repaired collarbone during the race and was forced to abandon his Super 8 series quest. Fife is heading to the Dr on Wednesday to get it checked out. The team is keeping its fingers crossed Robo-Fife will return soon. With Fife down, Bickling held strong and found the technical nature of the course suiting him well. After a disappointing performance at Ed Sander, Bickling definitely got his mojo back and secured the 5th spot on the podium.

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Bill Browne tossed his leg over the bike and mounted up for the 45+ race at 11 a.m. Bill gave it a great effort and managed to get in some good training. We’re not sure what advice Bill gave his son Tanner after his race, but it must have been spot on. Tanner and Emir represented in the junior race at 12 p.m. After the first lap, Tanner was hot on the heels of the Super 8 series leader, just a great on-going slugfest for the entire race. Emir, still getting his feet wet with cross, didn’t give up and kept the charge going from behind. Tanner made some bold moves during the last lap to put him in contention for the win. It came down to a knock-down drag race to the line where Tanner ended up an impressive 2nd. Emir gutted it out to hold on to 6th. These junior’s are fun to watch!

At 1 p.m., Evan Ellicott, Brian Sjoberg and Pete Warner hit the start line. Warner’s race started about an hour before the race while he built up Ellicott’s loaner bike and talked Bickling into letting him dismantle his pit bike so he could borrow a front brake hanger. Ah, good to have teammates! We’re still amazed that bike held together knowing Warner’s wrenching skills.

But the real enjoyment during this race was witnessing Evan be a caring father. Evan brought his young son Andrew with him. But Andrew was not too happy seeing his father out there racing without him by his side. While coming through the start/finish line on lap 2, Evan over heard Andrew’s cries and pulled the plug; went over and scooped his upset child in his arms which quickly turned to a huge smile. All in the world for young Andrew was set right. If there was a podium for world’s best Dad, Evan placed first today!

Since Sjoberg just goes to cross races to drink beer afterward and Warner spends too much time on the ground, we’re not sure how they fared. But knowing those two, we are certain they had FUN!

Sunny Gill caught the road trip bug and headed over to the USGP Derby Cup. Brief reports indicate two 100+ start grid numbers, very tough courses and lots of crashes equal no big results. But, hey, it’s pretty cool to watch Jpow and Trebon tear up those races!

The team would like to thank its sponsors for their generous support, without whom we wouldn’t be able to promote and enjoy the sport that we love. Please check out their great products/services: Bike Doctor, Cannondale, Bell Helmets, Tifosi Optics.




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