Elite Endurance Training Systems partners with Team Bike Doctor!

8 12 2011

Team Bike Doctor is excited to begin announcing our sponsor partners for 2012, beginning with the introduction of Elite Endurance Training Systems (www.EliteEndurance.com). Several members of the team have been utilizing Elite Endurance services during the past few years with a high level of success. We are incredibly excited and thankful to have the opportunity to expand our relationship with Elite Endurance. Stay tuned, as in the coming months we will be establishing a Coach’s Corner, where we will be sharing many of the informative training articles Elite Endurance shares with us.

And now, a little bit of background into the history, philosophy, and guiding principles in the words of our new sponsor partner:

Coach Lundgren at Monarch Cross

“In 2011 alone, Elite Endurance athletes won over 130 races, 14 State Champions, and 1 National Champion.

“My name is Kenneth Lundgren, the owner of Elite Endurance Training Systems. My singular goal is to coach athletes to success by building specific training programs, offering guidance, diet, and training advice, and helping with racing tactics. What first started as a way to make extra money has grown into my true livelihood. I never thought coaching would have this effect on me. After all, when you do well, I very much feel like part of that victory, and this motivates me to become better at what I do. I started coaching in the fall of 2005 after two athletes asked me to work with them. What started as a small project has morphed into my full-time job.

“My mission has always been to do things differently, to do things better. There are so many overpriced, underworked coaches out there, who just use programs like Training Peaks and other online training services, just pumping out these blueprint programs, never communicating with the athlete. To me, that is not the way to go. That is the easy, lazy way out. That is not going to give the athlete max success. I treat each athlete like I am coaching myself, each program geared specifically to address the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses, building towards a personal peak. Because training programs are not blueprints — you must look at an athlete’s background, at their strengths, their weaknesses, at their goals and objectives, then be able to pump this information into a personalized training program that is geared for maximum efficiency and, hopefully, wide success.

“Every athlete is different. Thus, every athlete should follow a different path. What works for Lance Armstrong, for me, for you, is not the same. Through fitness tests and training blocks, we will discover what works for you the athlete and build on physical gains. By utilizing periodization principles, by tracking progress and changes, by building and tapering fitness to a powerful peak, we are going to achieve maximal improvements and find 100% of our athlete’s potential.

“Coaching is what I do for a living, and I speak from absolute experience when I say, ‘Talk is cheap!’ 130+ wins this year is something I am so very proud of, almost have to pinch myself with how well everyone has ridden, and 2012 is going to be even better. Coaching aside, I still continue to race. I rode for Northeastern Hardware from 2006-2010 and the team won the Garden State Cup five consecutive times. I have become one of the region’s top time trialists. In 2011, I won 7 time trials and set 4 course records, winning the NJBA TT Cup in 2010 and 2011. In 2012, I will be riding with one of my athletes, 4-time NJ State Road Race and Criterium Champion Ryan Pettit, on the Heart House squad, and the team will be taking him to the national level.

“For Team Bike Doctor, I am offering a substantial discount off Level 1 Coaching. In my opinion, Elite Endurance athletes are just better and I honestly feel my service is far superior to those who charge 3-5 times as much. I always said I am not coaching to get rich — rather to help athletes. There is no novelty to coaching athletes. Seeing improvements never gets old, and I look forward to helping Team Bike Doctor discover their full potential, something few athletes ever come close to doing.”

Coach Lundgren - Colorado Cup!

Coach LOVES the drops!




One response

30 12 2011
Scot R

Ken Lundgren is a talented coach and a gifted cyclist. His pure joy for turning the cranks is infectious — just read his article / blog post on riding in Boulder! Whether you are a noob who is looking for guidance on how to train for and survive your first Century or if you are looking to dominate in the coming season, he will take you there! (You can guarantee that your couple-a-mortgage-payments- priced-bike will not be collecting dust in the garage due to your being injury-hobbled or bored under Ken’s tutelage!) Is this a paid endorsement? Nope. I’ve seen
him work magic with my wife, who suffered injuries and discouragement and who has become hill obsessed!

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