New Year, New Roster

3 01 2012

Happy New Year! Bike Doctor p/b DigiSource is proud to announce an updated roster for 2012. In addition to all members from 2011 returning, the team has added a select handful of talented riders to its current roster.

Joining the team are Mike Cordova, Pete Custer, Bruno Neto, Andrew Shelby and Nicholas Taylor.

Mike Cordova (Cat 2) – Mike joins the team from the Sierra Nevada regional team located in California. Mike has recently moved to Waldorf, Md full-time and is an employee at Bike Doctor Waldorf. Mike is an excellent climber but can also hold his own in any MABRA crit or circuit race.

Pete Custer (Cat 1) – Pete is a finishing threat in any race he enters.  2011 was a banner year for Pete at North Tek-Aria.  He’s our triple threat – finishing pack sprints, getting into breakaways along with a new found prowess for time trialing. He is an avid Washington Capitals fan and loves the ones and twos.

Bruno Neto (Cat 2) – Bruno returns to Bike Doctor after one year away. He missed us all. Bruno’s strengths are criterium breakaways and hair gel placement.

Andrew Shelby (Cat 2) – Andrew spent most of 2011 with Whole Wheel Velo Club based out of Virginia. He moved to North Tek-Aria for a stellar 2011 cyclocross tandem campaign. In addition to being a great all-arounder, Andrew might be the most sciency guy on the team and was 2nd in the team Movember competition to thewrob.

Nicholas Taylor (Cat 2) – Nicholas also joins Team Bike Doctor from North Tek-Aria. Nicholas automatically is our hardman of the year having raced cyclocross in 2011 only months after breaking parts of his back at the Altoona Stage Race. We should also mention that he received his Cat 1 upgrade in cross to boot.

Team Bike Doctor welcomes all the new team members for 2012 and beyond. Once you are in, you can’t get out!




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