Black Hills Race Results

26 03 2012

Thanks to all the racers who came out Sunday. We had a great time putting on the race and hope that we can keep doing it for years to come. For all the racers who decided to stay home because of the rain, you messed up! If it was because of the hill, we understand.

Results for the Black Hills Circuit Race: BlackHillsResults2012

Juniors and Women..STICK WITH US. We have learned over the past two years, that this course isn’t suited for mixed fields…so our next version of this race will be altered to make life on everybody with results of lapped riders, etc.

If you see us at the races or on rides, please give us feedback, both positive and negative.

Go check out a couple hundred photos that sobe took here.

These results are final. As a reminder, it’s your responsibility to check the results after the race and make sure you got scored correctly. We had lengthly protest periods.

Hopefully, we can keep this venue around and make it a MABRA staple for years to come.




5 responses

27 03 2012
Rich Hardart

Is there someone I can contact re: a junior who is not included in the results?

27 03 2012
Karsten Walker

What is the contact info for the officials?

You have my number and placing correct, but you have a different rider’s name and info listed under my number. This wasn’t on the results sheet post race so I did not protest, however, I still have my number and there is over a dozen photos of me crossing the line in that position. I don’t want to lose the points I acquired because of a mix-up that happened after the protest period

29 03 2012

I’m in the same boat here. Checked the results after the race while they just listed the numbers, saw that my number was listed correctly. Then when the names/etc were added, told the people at the table and changed it on the sheet as they requested. But the wrong name is still listed on the results. If it’s possible I’d like to get this changed, perhaps it was a problem in moving off the wait list?

27 03 2012
Patrick green

Hey guys, great race. For the results in the 3/4 field, what if we were on the Preliminary posted results but left off the final? I was 23rd, out of the points I know, but I noticed there was two places left off of the results. I’m in the video too! 🙂 otherwise great race!

1 04 2012
James DeFilippi

I am in the same boat as some other people with the results. I races in CAT 4/5 – rode with number 434, and you have the rider info wrong. My names is James DeFilippi, and I ride for Squadra Coppi. I was also in the CAT5 race. Can you help to get the results corrected so that I can get credit with USA Cycling?

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