Black Hills Victory. Best Ever?

26 03 2012

Ryan McKinney of DC Velo rode like a BEAST alongside his DC Velo teammates to secure victory at the 2nd Annual Black Hills Circuit Race. In what is shaping up to be an instant MABRA Spring Classic, the bike racing was heated on the 1 mile circuit that features a short, nasty climb every lap.

Team tactics played a big role of the race with all the major MABRA elite teams flexing muscle. However, it was DC Velo’s day to shine as Jason Meidoff delivered McKinney to the front step to knock on the door of victory. Dave Fuentes of XO came in second with Meidoff coming in third. Bike Doctor’s own Nicholas Taylor finished 4th.

Thanks to “Patriot” who posted this finish on Vimeo. Best MABRA finish of the year so far. Escorted by a Porsche, then the lead-out for the win. But McKinney takes it another step with a well executed celebration with childlike excitement and even delivers for the camera. Well done on many fronts. Congrats to everybody who raced and had a good time. Enjoy the video.

BlackHills M123 finish from Patriot on Vimeo.




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