Dragon’s Tale Race Report

6 04 2012

This past weekend Jed Prentice made the trek south to New Castle, VA for the 4th annual Dragon’s Tale race,  finishing 10th in the Open Mens race.

The course is a 40-mile loop with over 6000 feet of climbing and it is awesome.  After a neutral roll out from the start-finish just outside New Castle down VA-311, it turns onto a dirt road where the racing begins.  After 7 or so miles of dirt road, with no less than 5 hub-deep creek crossings, and gradually stair-stepping upward, the course enters singletrack and the climbing begins in earnest.  After a 2-mile singletrack climb, the course turns right on the ridge and follows it for a short distance, then drops down an off-camber singletrack descent onto a dirt road and ride a mile or 2 to Aid Station 1.  Riders repeat the first climb and turn left at the top for 10 miles of rolling ridge trail that is sweet.  Except “rolling” really means “periodic steep walls” that get progressively steeper and longer.  There’s a long descent off the ridge to Aid Station 2, then 2 climbs and descents in quick succession before dropping out onto a short section of dirt road and then a short section of pavement to the finish.

The race started with the neutral roll-out at a casual pace with lots of conversation in the bunch.  Jed was well-positioned a few rows back from the front. Once on the dirt road, though, it was game on.  Quickly Jeremiah Bishop, Kevin Carter, Sam Koerber, Nick Waite, and a couple other heavy hitters took charge of the pace and a lead group formed of about 20 riders.  Jed made the initial selection, but lost contact on the last of the deep creek crossings after being forced to dismount to avoid running into other riders who were also forced off their bikes.  He surfed wheels and worked his way through the chasers to the singletrack.  Once in the woods, he rode steadily and methodically to work his way up to 10th place by the finish.

Jed would  to like to thank Shenandoah Mountain Touring and Chris Scott for an awesome event.

Jed is grateful for the generous support of the team’s sponsors: Bike DoctorDigiSource Discovery SolutionsElite Endurance Training SystemsCannondale and CycleOps Power.




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