Michaux Trail Cup 50 Miler

19 04 2012

Prentice on tough climb! (Photo Credit: Tori Sulewski)

Jed Prentice finished 2nd in the Michaux Trail Cup on Sunday in Michaux State Forest near Biglerville, PA. Michaux is notorious for some of the gnarliest race courses in the Mid-Atlantic. This particular course was relatively mellow by Michaux standards, but was far from easy with nearly 6000 feet of climbing and plenty of rocky, technical singletrack, interspersed with doubletrack and dirt roads that required power.

Michaux Trail Cup 50-miler Podium. (Photo Credit: Tori Sulewski)

Jed managed to overcome a loose rear brake line, which was in constant danger of being eaten by the rear tire and required several stops throughout the race to keep it out of harm’s way. He also made a wrong turn at a poorly-marked intersection near the halfway point and lost a few minutes getting back on course. After suffering through the first 90 minutes of the race, he bounced back from the wrong turn, got into a groove, and charged back up through the field. Motivated by a shot at the podium, he time-trialed the last 90 minutes of the 4-hour race to secure second place.

Jed would like to thank the team’s sponsors for their generous support, without whom he wouldn’t be able to promote and enjoy the sport that he loves. Please check out their great products/services: Bike Doctor, DigiSource Discovery Solutions, Elite Endurance Training Systems, Cannondale and CycleOps Power.

Jed would also like to thank Fast Forward Racing Productions and Zach Adams for putting on a great event.




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