Bunny Hop Hop Hoppin’

8 05 2012

Team Bike Doctor rolled up to Suitland, MD for the annual Bunny Hop criterium. Artemis racing did a fine job organizing and executing the event. Thank you. The weather was nearly perfect with a little threat of rain in the later races. The course is 1km with 3 corners and a few potholes.

Davis going fast in 35+ (Photo Credit: Lesley Olson)

Starting off the racing action was Mike (don’t call it a comeback) Davis, Frank Ramos and Scott Giles in the 35+ open race. Davis and Ramos covered the early action while Giles sat back nicely and enjoyed the couch surfing in the back of the field. With 8 to go, Giles went with a promising move that saw himself and an XO rider off the front with some breathing room with 3 to go. However on the backside of the course his wheel met one of the potholes and one spoke decided its effective days were over. Free laps were done at this point and all he could do was take a spectating seat and hope the move came back. A chase group did catch the lone XO rider and another XO rider would go onto win. Unfortunate luck.

Entering the 35+ 3/4 race was Steve Fife, Todd Bickling, Robb Hampton, Mike Davis and Frank Ramos. The guys worked well to cover all the action. Frank Ramos was able to grab one of the mid race premes with a well timed attack. The sprint was as crazy as usual and Hampton and Ramos made it into the top 10, placing 5th and 10th, respectively.

Masters 35+ 3/4 finish. Hampton in 5th. (Photo Credit: Lesley Olson)

Holding down the fort in the 1,2,3 race was a small army of Bike Doctor riders. Doing the double up was Hampton, Fife, Bickling and Giles. Fresh legs included Bruno Neto, Nicholas Taylor, Sunny Gill, Mike Cordova and Brian Sjoberg. All the major teams had fire power and early on the racing action was fairly animated but it was easy to sit in the back and surf.

Gill in a move with DC Velo. (Photo Credit: Lesley Olson)

The guys were covering all the right moves early on. The 1st preme bell was wrung. Sjoberg came flying up the left side about 200 meters from the last corner and just met up with an attack started by Dave Fuentes.  Brian wasn’t able to come around Fuentes but thankfully it was a two place preme. Unfortunately it wasn’t beer but the next best thing, a gift certificate to Unwined (carries great micro brews!). You can expect the boys to be enjoying this preme at the next race.

The attacks started picking up about mid race and a few moves looked promising but never materialized. One more preme was announced with about 15 minutes to go and Paul Mica from NCVC had already launched off the front. Coming out of the 2nd corner, Cliff attacked to go after him and only barely missed taking the last preme by a half bike length!

With 3 to go the guys settled in for the sprint and started to get organized behind the DC Velo train that was established on the front. Unfortunately the pace wasn’t high enough for the Bike Doctor team to be able to keep their train together and the guys had to break off into smaller groups to fend for the sprint finish. It was a hairy final lap with lots of bumping. Sobe, Cordova and Hampton stayed together and found themselves in the best position coming into the final corner. Nima from Kelly made a final kick that no one could answer. Great job Nima! Sobe, Cordova and Hampton were able to finish 4th, 5th and 9th, respectively.

P123 Sprint Finish (Photo Credit: Lesley Olson)

The guys would like to thank the team’s sponsors for their generous support, without whom they wouldn’t be able to promote and enjoy the sport that they love. Please check out their great products/services: Bike DoctorDigiSource Discovery SolutionsElite Endurance Training SystemsCannondale and CycleOps Power.

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