16 05 2012

Yep, ALL CAPS for this baby…well deserved.  NCVC ordered up a beautiful day for one of THE most coveted races on the MABRA calendar. It carries a tradition and a course profile that every racer would cherish to have their name written in the history books for winning.  No two years are alike.  It’s a race where the unexpected is expected and you feel blessed afterward if it can be accomplished mechanical free.  Team Bike Doctor circled the wagons and brought a strong team to contest the 1/2/3 race as well as the 3 race.

It took a LONG time for the move of the day to sail in the 1/2/3 race, but once it was clear and with one of Bike Doctor’s locomotives, Scott Giles, it would last to the end.  In a dramatic last few miles, the duo of Giles and Escobar (XO Communications) were left battling it out for the win.  Unfortunately, Escobar had just enough sugar in the legs to come around Giles at the line.  Although Giles wishes there was about 5 miles left of racing, his second place is extremely rewarding for himself and the team.  The team arrived with ambitions to land on the podium and made it happen.

In the Cat 3 race, the Bike Doctor crew raced hard. A break got away without its representation, so the team was left to battle it out for the field sprint.  The team took 9th (Ramos), 10th (Hampton) and 11th (Chun).  Hey, at least they stick together to the bitter end!

Make sure to check out Bruce Buckley’s photographs HERE!  Amazing shots!

Results HERE

Bike Doctor p/b DigiSource would like to send a BIG thank you to the entire NCVC contingent for a  great day of racing! Poolseville Road Race never disappoints!




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16 05 2012
Peter Woodrow

Scott Giles is a Monster!

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