Racing in the Sahara Desert at RGS Chantilly Crit

10 07 2012

Yowzers, Sunday was a scorcher for sure. We’ll start by giving the Evolution Cycling Team, Officials and Volunteers a mighty thank you for withstanding the heat and pulling off a nice event. The majority of the team missed the memo that it would be a good idea to bring a tent. Shade was certainly a tough commodity to locate.

We’re a little light on photographic evidence, but the team did well across a variety of categories. There was a Bruce Buckley siting, but he was all kitted up without his strapping camera hung around his neck. Junior rider, Emir Crnovic, kicked it off in the early Cat 5 race. Late in the race he got baptized with the old Cat 5 shoulder check going through a corner sending him off the road. No injuries and some more experience gained for him.

Sjoberg and Warner represented in the 35+ race. Sjoberg, fresh off winning 1 race and taking fourth in the 2nd race at Ironhill on Saturday, was targeting what we believe may be a record, 4 crits in a 24 hour period. The dude is made of iron, or most likely, just plain crazy from drinking too much Belgium beer. Well, Warner ended up getting off the front early and after a few laps, ABRT strongman, George Ganoung, bridged up. Sjoberg provided some great teamwork back in the field by marking the threatening moves. The duo rolled around in circles and battled it out for the win. Warner edged Ganoung at the line in a hotly contested sprint finish. Tip of the hat to both riders, well done.

The only thing Warner could come up with is some random video clips his wife captured. Judging by her yells at the end, we think he may have been divorced if he lost. Ah, the pressure of an audience can prove motivating.

Chantilly 35+ Crit from Peter Warner on Vimeo.

In the P123 race, Taylor locked down 7th place on the day after getting away from the field in a small move later in the race. Fife just missed the podium with 4th in the 35+ 3/4 race. And for our Cat 3 squad doubling up in the final race of the day, the fellas landed 4 riders in the top 13 – Hampton 8th, Bickling 10th, Chun 12th and Fife 13th.

All in all, a fun day of racing on a resurrected course!




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11 07 2012
Chantilly Criterium: Blogs, Lies and Race Reports : | Your Mid-Atlantic Cycling Source

[…] Team Bike Doctor says it was “Sahara Desert Hot.” I protest. If you want to use geography to describe the hot, the only acceptable phrase is “it’s like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn’t take this kind of hot.” (There’s a big Twitter Shout-Out in it for the first to identify this quote in the comment section!) […]

18 07 2012
The Hot Tamale

I wish i could be apart of this team…

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